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"World Revival Network has helped me develop relationships with like-minded people across the country. The Network has been a source of fresh materials and ideas that you cannot find anywhere else."-Missionary Evangelist Cliff Pash, Uganda

"I have seen dramatic changes in my ministry since I have joined World Revival Network." -Pastor Dan Mitchell, Totowa, New Jersey

"For several years now World Revival Network has been a unique source of strength for me and my congregation." -Pastor Derek Melton, Pryor Creek Community Church

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August 7-10
Reformation Now Conference
World Revival Church
Kansas City, MO

September 27th
Church Health Clinic
World Revival Church
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Experience the Power of Membership

Ministry Couple
World Revival Network primarily functions as a member organization. Members include the following:
  • Pastors
  • Itinerates
  • Intercessors
  • College students
  • Ministry-minded individuals

We also offer a unique church membership so local congregations can be connected.

People like you receive numerous benefits including these:

  • Accreditation
  • Spiritual Covering
  • Biblical Training
  • Strategic Ministry Development
  • Countless Tools and Resources

If you or your local church shares our vision, we encourage you to join World Revival Network of Ministries.

Various levels of involvement are offered; whether one is "in the ministry" or not. Each level has been uniquely designed to provide support and assistance. Determine which membership level will best enable you to find your destiny in the advancing Kingdom of God.

How do I join?

Examine the various levels of membership and determine which one suits your present needs. Then print the membership application and fill in your information. Attach a current photograph and include the required monies. Mail all this information to our ministry office.

World Revival Network of Ministries
Post Office Box 11678
Kansas City, Missouri 64138

Membership packets are also available from the World Revival Network office. Call 877-804-LIFE x705 today!

The Membership Committee will carefully examine your application and put it through an approval process. You will be notified within ten working days of the committee’s findings.

Membership Levels


For full-time pastors and ministry leaders who already hold credentials with another fellowship. It allows a dynamic ministry forum for denominational leaders. Annual membership dues are $200. 



For leaders actively engaging in established ministry. The available divisions of this membership level are: Christian Worker, Licensed Minister and Ordained Minister. It allows accreditation for recognized ministers who meet certain requirements. Initial processing fee is $25. Annual membership dues are $200. 5% of one's income is also required.



For ministry-minded individuals who are not presently engaged in the full-time ministry. It allows "laymen" to receive encouragement and empowerment for the cause of the Kingdom. Annual membership dues are $100 or $10 a month.


Congregational Affiliation

In addition to individual, World Revival Network has church membership as well. Congregational affiliation is a voluntary process which a qualifying local church establishes a strategic ministry partnership with World Revival Network. Through this level of involvement, congregations receive resources, concentrated instruction and spiritual oversight. A minimum commitment of 3% - 10% of the congregation’s income is required. 



In addition to powerful training and resources, Uprising connects worship leaders, assisting in ongoing ministry development. Experienced leaders not only speak into your life, but they also provide practical strategies for anointed worship in the local church. Annual membership dues are $100. 



For college students, seminarians and young adults 18 to 24. It allows young people to build relationships and become acquainted with Spirit-led ministry. Annual membership dues are $50.


Founder's Message

World Revival Network is fostering revival and church innovation. Bringing together Spirit-led leaders who are focused on similar ministry initiatives, we are helping multiply impact.

While the core of this is being developed by prayer, dialogue and peer-to-peer interaction, World Revival Network has instituted highly targeted tools, including audio and video programs, e-publications and online downloads.

We are committed to providing Church leaders with the best solutions for ministry. We not only offer resources for empowerment and biblical focus, but we also help you develop practices that keep your ministry refreshed and productive. Join us and experience the power of

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