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"World Revival Network has helped me develop relationships with like-minded people across the country. The Network has been a source of fresh materials and ideas that you cannot find anywhere else."-Missionary Evangelist Cliff Pash, Uganda

"I have seen dramatic changes in my ministry since I have joined World Revival Network." -Pastor Dan Mitchell, Totowa, New Jersey

"For several years now World Revival Network has been a unique source of strength for me and my congregation." -Pastor Derek Melton, Pryor Creek Community Church

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JD on the Road

August 7-10
Reformation Now Conference
World Revival Church
Kansas City, MO

September 27th
Church Health Clinic
World Revival Church
Kansas City, MO

One Year Certification Course

Want to get equipped to lead effectively?

Successful church leaders combine biblical knowledge with practical skills to keep their ministry refreshed and productive. Get equipped to take your walk with God to the next level – whether you’re a church leader or a brand new Christian – this course has something for everyone!

The Level One Certification Course, produced by World Revival Network, offers invaluable teachings and tips from international revival leaders Steve Gray, Kathy Gray, Tom Trout, J.D. King and several others. Click here to purchase!

This five-part course breaks down the essential skills to lead, grow and cultivate God’s call on your life, including:

How To Read The Bible – learn how to study the bible to gain knowledge, comprehension, perspective and a more intimate relationship with God.

Church Operations – knowing how to manage and run the church is an essential component to a healthy congregation.

Flowing In The Spirit - operate in the power of the Holy Spirit and discover how to hear from God and speak prophetically.

Doctrines Of The Bible – gain a solid foundation of the major Biblical doctrines and their historical, theological and practical application to life and ministry.

How To Preach – activate your voice and speak with power to engage and empower the congregation and connect them to God.

Order this training series now and impact and refresh your ministry. It will draw out your calling, deepen your understanding of God’s Word and help you have a greater impact on those around you. Order now!

Level One Certification Course FAQ

Q. If I purchase this course, do I have to complete it within a certain time frame?
A. Yes and no. The goal is one year, but you can work through it at your own pace. However, interaction with the teacher expires 24 months from the date of purchase. Again, you own the material forever, but communication with the teacher, receiving certification and getting graded will expire after two years.

Q. If I get the course today, how long will I have access to it?
A. You’ll always have access to it. You can start it today and finish it 5 years from now, if you want. It’s yours to study and reference as needed. Again, grading and certification is limited to 24 months from the purchase date.

Q. I’m a pastor. I’d like to purchase this course and work through it as a Study Group for people in my congregation. How can I do that?

A. As a pastor or church leader you can purchase the full course with the DVD’s. We will then allow you to purchase as many manuals and workbooks as needed at a discounted price for the participants. Individuals in the group who complete the requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Q. I’m married. If I get the course, does my wife have to get her own to go through it?
A. No. By purchasing the course, your spouse has access to the DVD’s and manuals also. This doesn’t apply to friends, however, only to couples. She will only be required to purchase an extra $50 workbook for grading.

Q. I’m going through the course right now and I’m really impressed with the quality. The teaching is blowing me away. It’s meeting a big need in my life and I want my friends to know about it. How can I share it?

A. Easy. Just send them the course link –

Q. What does Certification mean?
A. This course is not currently accredited. It basically just means you are receiving a Certificate of Completion and are recognized by World Revival Network of Ministries for completing the material. Pastors must complete this course in order to be ordained through WRN.

Q. Can I get the course on CD?
A. No. However, the audio files are all in Mp3 format, so you can burn them on to CDs, if you like.

Q. Can I download the audio files and put them on my iPad or iPhone?
A. Yes. Once you get the course, you can move the mp3 audio sessions and put them on your smart devices.

Q. Can I pay for the course with a credit card?
A. Yes. We are able to accept payment through Paypal, credit or debit card, checks or cash. We also allow a payment plan of $100 a month as long as a down payment of $100 is made initially. Contact Levi O'Brien at for more information. This course will change your life - get signed up now!

Founder's Message

World Revival Network is fostering revival and church innovation. Bringing together Spirit-led leaders who are focused on similar ministry initiatives, we are helping multiply impact.

While the core of this is being developed by prayer, dialogue and peer-to-peer interaction, World Revival Network has instituted highly targeted tools, including audio and video programs, e-publications and online downloads.

We are committed to providing Church leaders with the best solutions for ministry. We not only offer resources for empowerment and biblical focus, but we also help you develop practices that keep your ministry refreshed and productive. Join us and experience the power of

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