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"World Revival Network has helped me develop relationships with like-minded people across the country. The Network has been a source of fresh materials and ideas that you cannot find anywhere else."-Missionary Evangelist Cliff Pash, Uganda

"I have seen dramatic changes in my ministry since I have joined World Revival Network." -Pastor Dan Mitchell, Totowa, New Jersey

"For several years now World Revival Network has been a unique source of strength for me and my congregation." -Pastor Derek Melton, Pryor Creek Community Church

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JD on the Road

August 7-10
Reformation Now Conference
World Revival Church
Kansas City, MO

September 27th
Church Health Clinic
World Revival Church
Kansas City, MO

20th Anniversary Conference

Celebrating 20 years of Revival!

It all began during the Smithton Outpouring 1996-2000 when 250,000 people from around the world had traveled to experience the Revival in the small town populated 596. At the turn of the century the power of God only grew more and more powerful as the transition was made to Kansas City. For a full year services were held inside of a large tent until the building could be completed, all the while visitors kept pouring in.

A few years later after developing a stronger media weight, the revival was broadcast on Daystar for 3 years. Breaking world records for the number of phone calls and viewers World Revival Church continued to impact lives.

Now coming up March 2016 we will celebrate 20 years of revival and the move of God. You don't want to miss hearing stories and teachings from the men and women who have been a part of it from the start. Leaders seasoned by the revival will pour into you lessons only revival can teach. Revive your first love as you encounter the presence of god coming from these fervent leaders.

Founder's Message

World Revival Network is fostering revival and church innovation. Bringing together Spirit-led leaders who are focused on similar ministry initiatives, we are helping multiply impact.

While the core of this is being developed by prayer, dialogue and peer-to-peer interaction, World Revival Network has instituted highly targeted tools, including audio and video programs, e-publications and online downloads.

We are committed to providing Church leaders with the best solutions for ministry. We not only offer resources for empowerment and biblical focus, but we also help you develop practices that keep your ministry refreshed and productive. Join us and experience the power of

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